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Central booking office

Boat Rental d.o.o. (Pula, Croatia)
52100, Mletačka 12, Pula, Croatia

Languages: English, French, Russian
Tel. office: +385 5 2770325

Sales office:
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Sales office in Russia

ООО “Аренда катеров и яхт”
191040, Санкт Петербург
Лиговский пр. 43/45 Литер Б, офис 410

Тел: +7 (499) 322-16-08 / +7 (812) 385-51-14
Моб, Whatsapp, Viber: +7 921 428-90-23

Отдел продаж:
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For UK and US customers

Tel. office: +44 (0) 2080 68 4949

Sales office:
Other questions:

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