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The sea is our love and lifestyle

Searching and choosing a boat

  • Please think about your upcoming journey in detail: is it a romantic, intimate journey, a shindig with friends, or a family vacation with children? Would you like to go ashore for sightseeing, go diving, or just escape from everyday routine without any additional programs?
  • Please define the search area. For example, specify the particular harbor or city in Croatia, if you do not want to search the whole country. It will simplify the search process.
  • Please specify the number of travellers. If you‘d like to have a large number of guests, you might want to choose a different yacht than one built for only two of you. Consequently, this point may have a substantial impact on the choice of suitable yachts.
  • If you have too many search results, you can use filters. You can specify the desired type of boat, the number of cabins, price-range, and other features. You can even filter the boats by manufacturer, such as Benetteau, Bavaria, or Jeanneau. With the help of the filters, the number of the proposed options will decrease, making it easier to analyze the rest of them in detail.
  • After choosing one or several suitable options, you can start booking. We have put forth our best efforts to simplify this procedure and have thoroughly worked out the personal account service. After registration, you gain access to all services and opportunities provided on the website. The booking takes no time-- we will immediately check if the yacht is available and send you the confirmation.
  • If you cannot make a choice, you can bookmark your favourite boats. You will be able to share these options with your friends and discuss them with the other participants on the journey.

Once you’ve completed your search and chosen a boat, everything goes very quickly. Upon receipt of your booking request, we immediately contact the charter company and check if the boat is in working order and available for the chosen dates. After that, we immediately send you the confirmation. This procedure usually takes a couple of minutes.

Both types of boats have a range of advantages and disadvantages:

  • Twin-hull boats are more comfortable because of the large deck space—ideal for sunbathing. Girls chasing the perfect tan will surely appreciate this feature. Moreover, thanks to its sturdy design, this type of yacht is more stable and reliable on the water. That is why it is possible to get very close to the shore. However, twin-hull boats are subject to larger mooring due.
  • Sailboats are more maneuverable and compact. They have the ability to sail faster so you will pay lower fees. Your sailing experience will actually be similar to the experience of our ancestors, including rolling in heavy sea as well.

We know that it can be difficult to make such decisions at once. Our unique booking system allows reserve options especially for such cases. We can contact the manager of the chosen yacht and ask to book it for a couple of days for free. You will have time to think everything through, while the boat will be held for you.

It depends on the number of the crew members. If there are only two of you, almost any size boat is suitable. If the group includes 12 people or more, the number of the cabins will proportionally increase up to five or six. Please, do not forget about your skipper. If you have a long journey, it is better to provide the skipper with a separate cabin, rather than a temporary coach in a cabin. Please note than not every boat can be booked with such a coach service.

This is one of the most essential issues. Travelling without a skipper is cheaper; however, you yourself must have the skills required for sailing, and the corresponding license. If you have a license, but cannot submit the required documents or doubt your ability to sail, the manager is entitled to prohibit you to sail on your own and offer skipper’s services. Moreover, travelling with a skipper is more comfortable and secure, as you do not spend your time and effort on sailing. Responsibility-free! It is worth mentioning that a skipper is not only the one who sails, but he is also in charge of the boat’s security, safety of the passengers, and can resolve any controversial issues. Besides, a skipper has excellent knowledge of the local waters and their special features, saving you from stress, embarrassment, and confusion. A skipper makes certain it’s smooth sailing and good vibes only.

The yacht rental during the peak season is about €50 per day for one person. It is cheaper than renting a room in most low-cost hotels. Moreover, for this money you get both the hotel and the transport vehicle-- or a kind of high-level “sailing hotel” with daily changing view!

No way! Here at, we ALWAYS offer prices that are lower than ones in the accessible price list of an operator. We do not exaggerate the number of the sales department employees, we do not cooperate with agents, and we often share any discounts received from the charter companies with you. That is why we have the best prices, which are usually 5-10% lower than market prices. With us, you simply choose the boat, directly ask the boat manager any questions, perform payment, and receive the documents. Without us, or with another company, you miss out on our 24-hour support, secure payment via Raiffeisen Bank, and additional discounts which can be applied to your future journeys!

If you want to ask about the features of the yacht or get advice from a professional, the best decision is to directly ask the boat manager. The manager knows everything about the boat and can give the most competent answers to any questions. You can submit your questions on the page of the boat or from your personal account. We intentionally decided to provide the opportunity of direct communication with the manager to avoid the so-called “agent effect”. With our company, you get the most accurate information straight from the source!

Communication with manager

Because the manager knows the boat better than anyone else. We intentionally decided to provide the opportunity of direct communication with the manager to avoid the so-called “agent effect”. You can start a chat from the page of the boat or from your personal account.

You can ask about the technical features of the yacht, possible routes of the journey, additional options for improving the journey, etc. The more information you get, the more impressive your vacation will be!

You can just ask the boat manager to do it. For example:- Hi, John! Is it possible to reserve the boat for a couple of days for me? I need to discuss my choice with my friends.- Sure. The boat is reserved for 2 days.You see, there are no cumbersome procedures. Everything is swift and convenient!

For safety reasons, we ask you not to disclose your personal phone numbers and mail addresses.

Payment and deposit

We act on the basis of the contract concluded with the charter company. As such, you perform a direct payment to the company through us without any interim retaining of funds. All the transactions from the bank card are performed via secured connection and are serviced by Raiffeisenbank. This company acts as a payment gateway and accepts payments in any form, adhering the toughest industrial standards (PCI DSS).

There is a set of services, which shall be paid for in addition to the charter cost. However, it seems unfair only at first sight. These are useful services such as cleaning and provision of linens. Sometimes a charter company may require payments for an additional set of services in amount of 300-400 euro. Though if you thoroughly analyze the options included you will find this cost often covers Wi-Fi, a phone with a local SIM card, insurance of a deposit, provision of an outboard engine, transfer from the airport and so on!

Yacht rentals require a deposit, which shall be paid directly prior to embarkation. This amount covers any unintentional damages caused by the crew members. The deposit is returned at the end of the journey after examination of the board. It is extremely important to completely and accurately fill out the checklist at the yacht acceptance. We also recommend using the deposit insurance option.

All information on the refund policy is specified in the booking order form prior to the payment stage. If the booking has been cancelled, 50% of advanced payment is typically non-refundable. In the case of cancelation less than 45 days prior to the booking date, the total amount of payment is typically non-refundable. In the case of cancelation due to serious illness or death of a customer or his/her close relatives, partial or even full refund is possible, as well as postponing the booking. However, decisions are made on a case-by-case basis.

This is the list of all the passengers (crew), required for your journey. This list must be submitted in advance in order for the charter company to register all persons included on the list. You can create this list online through our website, thus saving a lot of time.

The charter company needs to check in advance that you have a right to sail. It is required beforehand because if it becomes clear that your license is unsuitable or invalid, you would have to employ a skipper and submit an additional payment for this service. Otherwise you will be prohibited to leave the harbor. You would probably agree that such surprises are not among the exciting adventures you had in mind for your vacation.

Before departure

Firstly, you should keep in your mind that space on board is limited. That is why it is not practical to take large luggage cases with you. It is better to have some soft bags. It is not recommended for women to wear high-heeled shoes. In general, you should choose the clothes in accordance with the purposes of your journey and the weather. If your vacation includes shopping and entertainment ashore it is a good idea to bring some clothes that would be convenient and suitable for the situation. If you plan to relax and spend your time sunbathing and swimming, a swimsuit and sunscreen would be enough. However, it can be quite windy in the evening, so please do not forget to take some warm clothes as well.

The list is short: the voucher issued by our company, your passport, the crew list uploaded to the personal account, and your license (in case you rent the yacht without a skipper).

Immediately after the payment we send you all the information about the boat’s location and the manager’s contacts so you will have the exact coordinates and the prompts with guidelines. Moreover, the voucher will contain a list of the things required for embarking on the yacht.

It depends on the chosen yacht and destination. The information on the time of embarkation is always specified on the page with the boat’s description. In most cases the embarkation takes place after 5:00 p.m. and you spend the first night on board. It is also possible to ask the manager of the charter company for early embarkation. Please, take into account that some companies provide this service at an additional cost.

Upon arrival to the harbor you should find the charter company’s office and fill in a simple registration form. You will need only your passport and our voucher for this procedure (remember, you have already sent the crew list and the copy of your license via our website). After that, representatives from the company will guide you to boarding and conduct a brief instruction. Then you’re ready to go! The registration procedure usually takes about 30 minutes.

Yes, in addition to the deposit you will likely need to pay for additional services. These additional services may constitute some formal payment like a tourist tax. However, they can include some serious services for making your vacation more comfortable, impressive, and safe. Some of the services may be compulsory, while the others are optional. The typical list of services is as follows: bed linens and towels, an outboard engine, a net for children’s safety, a Wi-Fi router, a phone with a local SIM card, etc. You ALWAYS have an opportunity to get familiar with the list of the additional services, accompanying your order.

On board

If you are planning to take your favorite gadgets with you (telephones, tablets, hair driers and electric shavers), it is practicable to choose a boat with an inverter. This device allows you to get 220 V voltage from the socket, when the engine is running. Please, take into account that the engine is usually running for about two hours a day. For this reason, it will not be possible to charge your gadgets for long. If you are an active user of electronic devices, it is better to have a separate vehicle-borne generator. If you choose the yacht without an inverter r a generator, you will only have electricity in a harbor.Please note, while at sea your mobile phones will probably fail to find a network. It also has an advantage: it is beneficial to take a break from talking on the phone.

Yes, all yachts are equipped with a hot water shower. Please note, the water supply on board is limited, so if you run out of water, you need to visit a harbor. We also recommend using only environmentally friendly bathroom supplies so that you don’t contribute to environment pollution.

Yes, most boats are rented with portable Wi-Fi routers. Sometimes this service is included in the order cost, though sometimes it is provided at an additional cost. It is better to ask about availability of this service in advance.

You should return the yacht with a full tank or pay the cost of fuel and time fueling to the charter company. This ensures upcoming guests have the opportunity to enjoy a sea journey as well. You can discuss the possible options with the yacht manager at embarkation.

It is a very serious violation, as you spoil the vacation of the following guests. Fines incurred as penalty can be costly. The details are specified in the contract of use for each boat. Actually, it is cheaper and easier to designate extra time for your return.

It depends on essence of the problem.

  • We do not render consulting services during boat selection and booking stages, because we are sure that it can be perfectly performed by the boat manager.
  • If a problem occurs during your vacation, you should contact your operator first. The operator’s contact data is specified in the voucher. If you failed to contact the operator or the operator’s support did not satisfy you, it is always possible to contact our customer service.
  • In case of cancellation or updating your booking, you should write to our customer service.