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Greece. Itineraies, routes, information

It’s impossible to overestimate the importance of Greece in world history – it’s the cradle of Western civilization and philosophy, the Motherland of democracy, and the birthplace of the Olympic Games and theatre. Rich cultural heritage together with Mediterranean climate and incomparable nature made this corner of Eastern Europe one of the most popular tourist destinations. Yachtsmen are no exception; numerous Greek islands have become a delight for their hearts and a joy for their eyes. The Dodecanese, the Cyclades, the Sporades, the Ionian Islands, the Aegean Islands, Crete – there are more than two thousand islands here, small and big, and each of them is remarkable for something. It’s worth going ashore to see the Acropolis of Athens, the Palace of Knossos, the ancient theatre in Epidaurus, the Delos Terrace of the Lions, the Temple of Poseidon, and Santorini Oia village. And how beautiful are the beaches here! Navajo Bay, Myrtos, Elafonisos, Porto Katsiki, Sidari, Balos – you cannot find such splendid places anywhere else.

Popular sights

Rhodes is rightly considered one of the most beautiful islands in all of Greece. Here, almost year-round the sun shines, a fresh breeze blows, pine-dotted cliffs rise up from the shores of the Aegean and Mediterranean seas, and the beaches are sprinkled with soft sand. According to ancient myth, Helios, the Sun God himself took a shine to the island, and its name derives from that of his wife, the nymph Rhodes. Day after day, yachts come to call in the old port of Mandraki, where a magnificent Colossus once stood. To the southeast lies the fabulous and very modern Rhodes marina. Yacht schools, restaurants, and a customs office are all in the vicinity. From here, it’s convenient to start exploring Rhodes – one of the most magnificent gems in all of the Mediterranean. The capital’s old town has been listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site for good reason. Here, you’ll find splendidly preserved buildings and landmarks from different eras, from antiquity to the Middle Ages. Visit the Palace of the Great Masters, Knights’ Row, the Olympic stadium, and the ruins of the Temple of Apollo. What’s more, the island itself boasts a whole smattering of enchanting ancient towns and popular resorts: Lindos, Kameiros, Faliraki, Ialysos, and Ixia. There are also beaches to suit any taste – pebbly in the west and sandy in the east. The miniature isthmus between Rhodes and the little island of Prasonisi is considered the most romantic and picturesque. Why? It enchants visitors with the tranquil, warm Mediterranean waters, and the bright and blustery Aegean converging in a blue wonderland. The list of unique locales definitely includes Petaludes Valley, where thousands of butterflies flock beginning in late May, as well as the Seven Sources wilderness park.