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Among a variety of Croatian cities, one should visit the medieval city-museum of Trogir. Uniquely situated partly on the mainland and partly on the island, Trogir’s fairytale streets are dotted with old cathedrals, ornate palaces, and stoic temples. Trogir is a brightly coloured magic box, unlike any other city. The historical center of the city earned a spot on the UNESCO World Heritage List thanks to the exquisite mix of Baroque, Renaissance, Gothic, and Roman styles.

The old basilica, Cathedral of St. Lawrence (Lovro), serves as a primary sight of Trogir. Its bell tower may become a fine orientation point in the maze of narrow medieval streets. For an aerial view of the city, climb to the top of the Kamerlengo Fortress. Nowadays, the fortress serves as a venue for theatrical and musical performances. It’s highly recommended to try local delicacies at the Fishermen’s Nights - the longstanding city festival.