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The picturesque National nature park is located on the 14 islands of the Brijuni archipelago. Nature here is virgin and primordial with fresh air and crystal clean sea, blooming meadows and parks, and oak and laurel groves. Many subtropical plants have taken root here: bamboo, eucalyptus, sequoia, and palm tree. Especially amazing is the long-lived olive tree, which has been growing on the island for more than 16 centuries.

There is a safari park in the northern part of Veli (Big) Brijun, where elephants from Asia, South-American camels, zebras, antelopes and even Indian holy cows walk freely. All of them arrived in the park thanks to the President of Yugoslavia, Josip Broz Tito, who was given exotic presents by high-ranking guests. The residence of this former leader still stands on the archipelago, today it’s a museum and worth a visit.