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Interesting places, stunning routes and much more…
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We’ll consider all your wishes and preferences for a boat, skipper or hostess and give useful tips about destinations and sailing routes ideal for your group. We guarantee that you will receive your free customized quote for the most favourable price within few hours.

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About us
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Precise and user-friendly search
Benefit from our up-to-date search engine! High-speed searching helps you quickly find the right yacht amongst our vast fleet. You can easily choose a boat by the features you need such as sail type, air-conditioning, generator, etc..
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Best price
We always share with you our fees received from the operator, so you get the most favourable price. Our service is always cheaper than booking directly from the operator.
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Team of nautical experts
Our advisors are seasoned professionals and can adapt our offers to satisfy your needs and budget. Get the most accurate answer straight from the source!
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The best charter companies and carefully inspected fleet
We cooperate exclusively with charter companies that exhibit the highest standards of charter business and attentively analyze the feedback from our clients. All our vessels have been thoroughly inspected and meet our numerous demands.
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Easy and safe booking
We made the booking procedure easy to navigate. No need for waiting and negotiating; simply book the yacht and pay for it at once.
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Secure payment and handy personal account
All our clients greatly appreciate our up-to-date and handy personal account service, which allows you to upload the licenses and the crew lists online. Payment security is guaranteed by our partner, Raiffeisen Bank, which accepts payment in any form and adheres to the toughest security standards.
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