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Day 1: Split - Milna

Route from Split to Korcula island

Split is a wonderful place to start your trip over Croatia. On the first day, you’ll have an opportunity to see the best-known sights of the city, but arrival at the marina will be the main event. Be sure to discuss the route with the manager and check the weather forecast.


Split is the second largest city in Croatia, and a wonder to behold. Erected in the 4th century, it began with the construction of the splendid Palace of the Roman Emperor Diocletian. He is remembered for his reforms and persecution of Christians, however, the fate is not without irony – the mausoleum of the former Emperor was later restructured into a Christian cathedral. The historical center of Split is part of the UNESCO World Heritage List, owing this honour to the multitude of century-spanning constructions preserved there: the Temple of Jupiter, the Cathedral of St Domnius (Duje), the Procuration Square, the Golden Gate, and the Silver Gate. Some of them date back to Ancient Rome while others to the times of the Venetian rule or the rule of other states. Locals love to say, “various eras are connected by clothes-lines stretched between buildings in Split streets.”

The city will meet travelers coming by sea with its red lighthouse at the entrance to Marina Split. Excellent infrastructure provides more than three hundred well-equipped piers for tourists and a convenient location for reaching all the city sights.


Natural harbours of Milna have been used to seafarers since the time of Emperor Diocletian. Today 200 anchoring berths will meet travelers with open arms. A two-hour stroll through Milna will take you to see the Kirinić family castle, St. Mary Church, St. Josef Church in Gothic style.