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Day 4: Komixa - Bisevo - Palmizana

7 day southern route from Sibenik


At first sight, the island of Biševo may seem uninhabited. However, there are 14 people living there! There you’ll find a Benedictine Monastery, St. Sylvester Church, and a small port. But the main sights of the island are 14 caves; the best known of them is the Blue Cave. Sunrays creeping into the grotto through a small hole give the cave walls and water an amazing turquoise shade. It’s possible to view this captivating spectacle from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.


The small resort settlement of Palmižana is located on one of the Pakleni Islands archipelago in the Adriatic Sea by the Dalmatian coast. Palmižana owes its appearance on the tourist map of Croatia to the Meneghello family. Jevgen Meneghello brought exotic plants to the botanical gardens of the island, and today they are admired by all who visitors Palmižana. The marina of the settlement is located in the bay of the same name, protected from winds. There are 200 piers, a small shop and tourist information center.