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Day 1: Dubrovnik - Lopud

7 day route from Dubrovnik to the Mljet National Park

The route starts in wonderful Dubrovnik. After a short walk over the city, go to the marina in order to discuss all the details of the voyage with the base manager. You’ll have enough time left to check up all equipment and buy any required food.


The most famous, the most popular, the most splendid city of Croatia is certainly Dubrovnik, it’s not without reason that UNESCO included it in the three most beautiful places in Europe together with Venice and Amsterdam. The stonewalls of the Old Town, numerous architectural monuments, museums, palaces, cathedrals, and residential houses under orange tiled roofs rise above the turquoise-coloured waves of the Adriatic Sea. The coast here is full of comfortable beaches and cozy bays, and snow-white yachts slightly roll in a dignified manner by the piers.

If you find yourself in Dubrovnik, you should definitely walk along Stradun, which is the main pedestrian street, the Luža Square, and along the old harbor. Pay a visit to the Prince’s Palace, the Cathedral of the Assumption of Virgin Mary, the Franciscan Monastery, and the Sponza Palace. After sightseeing, you can enjoy a meal in local restaurants where you should definitely try home-made wines and seafood dishes like oysters and mussels from the bay in the town of Ston.


Lopud is the second largest island of the Elafit islands and is a fairly aristocratic resort. Sandy beach, serene embankments, first-class hotels, the yacht pier, and excellent ecology – all that is within 40 minutes of Dubrovnik. You can take a stroll and see local churches (24 on the whole), the Franciscan Monastery, and a splendid park with tropical plants.