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The island of Samos in the Eastern Sporades dazzles its visitors with an abundance of diverse landscapes, its fusion of daily serenity and bustling nightlife, and its combination of developed infrastructure and ancient Greek landmarks. Mountains plunge straight into the sea, where steep cliffs give way to exquisite pebble beaches.

Today’s Samos has managed to preserve many amazing sights, some of which have been listed as UNESCO World Heritage Sites: the ruins of Pythagoreion with its fortified walls, aqueduct, and shrines and temple to the Goddess Hera at Heraion. Anthony and Cleopatra’s palace was found here at one time.

The island’s largest and most important cities formed in its coastal areas. Its present-day capital and main port is the city of Samos, although an eponymous marina is located in the southeastern part of the island, just 500 meters from the village of Pythagoreio. The second-most popular yachting port is found to the west of Samos in Karlovasi.