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Cape Sounion

To the southeast of Athens lies one of the most poetic, most visited, and most popularized places in all of Greece – Cape Sounion. Legend has it that it was from this place King Aegeus gazed into the distance, awaiting the return of his son Theseus. The hero, much celebrated in ancient myths, developed a signal with his father before departing for Crete to battle a Minotaur. If he emerged from the fight victorious, his ship would return flying white sails, if not, it would fly black ones. On the way back, however, the exuberant Theseus forgot about their arrangement. Aegeus had not forgotten, and upon spotting black sails on the horizon, Aegeus flung himself into the abyss of the sea waves.

Aside from its mention in myths, Cape Sounion is also famed for the two temples found here – Poseidon and Athena. And though the only thing left of the majestic structures today are foundations and columns, they still dazzle with their architectural perfection.