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Ancient little Nafplio is rightly considered one of the most beautiful and interesting places in Greece. Legend links the town’s origins with Poseidon’s son Nauplius – the inspiration for the town’s current name.

Over the course of its centuries-long history, Nafplio has belonged to different states, with the Venetians and Turks exerting the greatest impact on its development. From the days of their rule, modern-day Nafplio inherited – and continues to be the home of – several fortresses (the Italian Palamidi, the Turkish Bourtzi), Baroque buildings, churches and mosques, and narrow cobbled lanes with bright, multi-coloured houses. The most picturesque part of the town is Acronafplia, or the “inner castle.” The old town is perfect for leisurely strolls. There is no vehicle traffic here – just plenty of fragrant flowers and shade trees growing between the stone walls.