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Day 1: Sibenik - Kaprije

7 day route from Sibenik to Kornati and Telascica parks

Sibenik is a wonderful place to start your trip over Croatia. On the first day, you’ll have an opportunity to see the best-known sights of the city, but arrival at the marina will be the main event. Be sure to discuss the route with the manager and check the weather forecast.


One of the most fascinating cities of Dalmatia, Šibenik, is already more than one thousand years old. The banks of the Krka River, royal origin, unbelievable beauty of local architecture, gentle sandy beach – all contributors to its permanent success with tourists. The Cathedral of St. Jacob subtly combines Gothic motives and features of the Roman style and is decorated with 74 stone busts of contemporaries of Juraj Dalmatinac (Giorgio Orsini). A wonderful view of Šibenik and the Adriatic Sea opens from the walls of the Saint Ana Fortress. You should definitely visit the Krka National Park, beaches on the Solaris Cape, and the thalassotherapy center with its six swimming pools and therapeutic mud. In summer, the city is filled with music during various festivals or medieval fairs.


The small island of Kaprije of the Šibenik archipelago brings joy with its pine forests, green valleys, and lack of cars. The island got its name from the caper plant, which grows here and is used as seasoning for various dishes. You should stay here to enjoy beautiful, gently sloping beaches washed by the turquoise-coloured waters of the Adriatic Sea.