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Day 2: Nidri - Meganisi

7 day route to the Ionian Islands


Meganisi is situated in the Ionian Sea, between the islands of Lefkada and Kalamos. Meganisi’s coastline delights yachtsmen with its beautiful diversity; the jagged shoreline with its many coves in the north contrasts the south’s smooth shoreline with its numerous caves. The island’s harbours are vast enough to provide all comers with peace and seclusion. For those who want a bit more action, there’s always the popular mooring berths in Meganisi’s population centers such as Porto Spilia in the Village of Spartochori, the Odysseus marina in Vafi, and the anchoring berths in Kapali, Abelike and Porto Athene.

The best thing to enjoy would be the typical architecture of its miniature Greek villages. Cobbled roads and stone houses, lush vegetation and turquoise water, you’re sure to find your peace in Meganisi.