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Day 7: Sami - Lefkada

7 day route to the Ionian Islands

Lefkada will be the final destination of the cruise. Much like Day 1, your final day will be devoted to matters of handing over the yacht. You should take time in advance to clean everything on board and ensure the equipment is in working order. The smoother the transfer, the more time you’ll have for a walk in the city.


The main island in the Ionians is Lefkada. There are several theories regarding the origin of its name. According to one, it derives from the name of Odysseus’ friend, Lefko. However, the more likely and widespread theory is that it is associated with the white cliffs of Cape Lefkatas, since “lefkos” is Greek for “white.” Its wide-open spaces, varied terrain, and land link to mainland Greece have made Lefkada one of the most popular tourist destinations in the whole country. It draws all types-- affluent yacht-owners, families with kids, young people, and water-sports enthusiasts.

The island’s main resort towns are located in the east: Nikiana, Lygia, Pergiali, and Nidri. In the south you’ll find the local windsurfing center of Vasiliki, and the west side of Lefkada is known for its unbelievably-beautiful – and therefore most popular – local beach, Porto Katsiki. It is that natural beauty that serves as the island’s main attraction. Cultural heritage sites include several churches, the archaeological museum and picture gallery in the capital of Lefkada, the Apollo Temple in Lefkatas, and the four ancient grinding mills on Gyra beach.